Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Birthday Recap

So yesterday was my 24th birthday and I truly did have every intention of getting out the door to run or at least walk. Well, that didn't happen but in a way I'm kind of glad it didn't; I got to camp out and watch movies with my fiance all day and devour spaghetti (big time favorite). I meant to go after dinner but with pasta being such a dense food, I figured it wouldn't be the best idea out there. 

Well, my birthday is over now so I can't really hide behind that for today, guess I'll have to go out eventually (as in when it is no longer breaking triple digits on the thermostat).  I really did love how Bruce (my fiance) went through the effort of actually getting me to sit still, it couldn't of been easy but I do love him for it. Now I am back to running all over the place trying to get everything squared away for the EMT class that starts on the 21st. I;m insanely nervous and excited about this class but at ten credits hours it's definitely going to be a challenge  The thing is, it will be worth it because it will bring me one step closer to my end goal...

What are your experiences with tough college classes?
How did you get through them?
How do you stay motivated to run or exercise?