The Search for a Good Water Bottle

Although I no longer have this bottle (it is currently on its way to a recycling center) I thought I should put up a review about it. It's called the Trudeau Cool Off Hydration bottle and looks very promising. Not! Although it's overall design and appearance were great, it couldn't make up for the horrible leak factor this bottle had and that's with it begin "guaranteed leak proof".

See? Adorable!

It leaks primarily from where you attach a carabiner (the little loop off to the left). Something about this part is not well constructed as it tends to leak profusely of the bottle is tipped on its side or just to take a sip. The other problem even bigger than the leaking is how difficult this bottle is to open. It sports a pop-up straw deemed a "runner's straw" that tucks into the lid when you twist it closed and pops up when you twist it open. Sounds pretty neat right? Well, it would be if you could actually get it open. Once your hand gets wet be it from sweating or from the water it leaks everywhere you end up wrestling to simply rotate the thin cap. The lid has a type of pentagonal shape to it I guess to make it easier to grip but it is simply way too thin. Another kicker? See the pretty silicone gripper in the middle? It slips around when you try to untwist the top. 

I really loved the look and feel of the bottle, it's shape is a very nice touch but you are much better off bypassing this bottle for one that truly won't leak. I've yet to find on so the search for the anti-leak water bottle continues.