Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bubba Raptor 22 oz Bottle Review

So I bought another water bottle to replace the green Trudeau bottle I reviewed here and was very excited once again about it. That didn't last long due to the fact that as soon as I did a water test it proceeded to spray water all over the house. Not cool...again! 

You may recognize the green bottle, the pink one on the left was the new Bubba bottle.

I remembered to take a comparison picture of the two bottles side by side before pitching the green one. As you can see the Bubba bottle is again very adorable and has a great shape to it. However it leaked just as bad if not worse than the Trudeau bottle.
What the top looks like, I think it may have been leaking from the hole in the middle but am unsure

The straw was excellent, it flips up easily and is made of silicone so it does bend a small amount. Behind the straw is a little loop similar to what you see on a Camelbak Better Bottle which (spoiler alert) is my new bottle.  I'll review it as well so don't fret. 
Insulated and made with grooves to keep it in your hands
 Now the majority of the leaking seemed to come from where you twist on the lid; it doesn't matter if you lightly tighten it or use the force of God it still leaks. I tried putting the lid on at eye level to see if possibly it was on crooked but nope, there is no obvious reasoning for the leaking except for poor designing.  It like the Trudeau must be kept upright at all times, I unfortunately found out when getting out of the car. It had shifted to its side during the trip and proceeded to leak 22 oz of water into the floorboard of the car. Thank god it was only water but still imagine my surprise when my hand shot up from the lack of weight as I got out.  The flip-side to all of this is that Big 5 is more than happy to exchange the bottle and will even let me test out their bottles by filling them with water and doing the shake test BEFORE I take the bottle home some 30 miles away. *Shakes head and sighs*.

QOTD: How many water bottles have you gone through before finding the perfect one?